Helkra Sp. z o.o. (division Annopol) changed into H2 Dystrybucja Sp. z o.o.

What is changing?

First of all, the domain address changes to www.hdwa.pl, therefore email addresses and everything related to the domain will change (e.g. link to .xml file).

The company’s registration name, tax identification number and account numbers are also changing. The list of new e-mail addresses and other data is provided below.

What remains unchanged?

All other issues remain unchanged. Your customer number, system logins, commercial conditions and other provisions of commercial contracts will not change.

All receivables and liabilities to Helkra Sp. z o.o. (division ANNOPOL) are transferred to a new company – H2 Dystrybucja.

The company’s address, opening hours and work system do not change. No individual logistics arrangements will change either. Your sales supervisors, purchasing department, drivers and all other crew also remain the same.

Everything is prepared so that the change takes place smoothly and smoothly, which is why we trust that we will be able to continue all matters without problems in the new company. Thank you in advance for your understanding and invite you to continue shopping!

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